LA Sports Net

Sports: Flag Football, Soccer, Softball, Kickball, Basketball, Bowling, Volleyball, Cornhole & Adventure Club

Locations: Various Locations within the LA Region

Games: $85 for the season (10 games not including play-offs); substitution $10/game

I first got introduced to flag football about 4 years ago for a Superbowl Sunday game.  My friends were hosting their 6th annual flag football game before the kickoff party.  He always had a round of 20 people or more and we’d play football for 2-3 hours before the Super Bowl party.  First off I have no idea how to play football and to this day, I still don’t know how to play.  But I can run and grab flags, so I think that’s good enough.

This past year, in an effort to get in shape, my friends organized a social football league with LA Sports Net.  I have had the privilege to be a substitute for them for the past several games and thought I share my experience.

The sweat for this game is real.  You will be running back and forth and working on muscles that will definitely be sore the next day or two.  There are several physical skills you will be working on during the game:  Agility, endurance, sprinting, jumping, balance and strength.  Mentally you need to be prepared for the unexpected and learning communication with your team is just as significant.  Besides the physical and mental skills that are required for this game, what I love about this sport is how much fun everyone is having while playing.

Other than football, LA Sports Net offers several other types of social sports. Volleyball, Basketball, Kickball and many outdoor excursions such as camping and wine tasting.  It’s a great way to be involved in the LA community and make new friends with common interests.  You can easily sign up on LA Sport Net and join a team that is open. Want to play?