Larchmont Center of Yoga – {Various Locations}

230 North Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90004


Price: New students $25 for two weeks of unlimited, 1 class $22, 10 classes $195, $105 month unlimited Center of Yoga, $135/ month for regional (LA & OC) unlimited

Parking: There is meter parking on Larchmont, but if you don’t mind a short walk, the local streets are one or two blocks down provide free parking.

Yoga was one of my first loves when I initially got into fitness in my early 20’s.  I would religiously practice it daily when I first arrived in Los Angeles.   Center of Yoga conveniently fit into my long 12 hour work schedule at the hospital.  After a 12 hour shift I would drive over to Larchmont and take a relaxing yoga class to end my crazy hectic day.  It was the most relaxing and peaceful time to myself.

I haven’t been to this studio in over 5 years since I’ve moved down to the South Bay, but I remember how much I loved the studios’ character and history it developed over the years.  I believed it opened it’s doors in the 1960’s and to this day it continues to exist.  I remember they always served warm tea prior to class and when it was chilly outdoors it was a nice touch before starting my practice.  My favorite day to practice was Sunday morning because the local farmers markets would set up across the street.   After a nice vigorous practice it was nice to walk out onto the street and browse around the market and get some grocery shopping done.

What I love about yoga is that it can be challenging, but also relaxing: physically, mentally and emotionally.  It calmed my soul, increased my awareness, and taught me how to let things go.   It is a meditative flow from one pose to the next.  You are so focused on the practice that you soon realize that you have forgotten what has happened throughout your day because you are IN that moment.  Then when you are done, the last and final pose, svansasana.  I always felt accomplished after completing my yoga practice.  It was always a great way to start or end my day.



[ Natarajasana at Hawaii National Park on Volcanic Rock ]