“Guylates, Pilates” – ClassPass Review Rock It Body Pilates


Rock It Body Pilates – Manhattan Beach


1834 N. Sepulveda Blvd.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


Classes: $15 first class/ $39 Single Session/ $230 10 Class package/ $199 Monthly Unlimited auto renew

Parking: Free parking available in front of the studio

Amenities: Grippy socks are required and bring an empty water bottle to quench your thirst during class

Rock It Body Pilates was the very first pilates class I took on Classpass when I started my Classpass adventures.  Being completely new to pilates, I was absolutely clueless about the reformer.  I let the instructor know that I was new to pilates and she gave me a quick overview of the straps, springs, pads,and harness, which I immediately forgot once the class started.  Thankfully the class was full so I was able to look over to my neighbors and try my best to attempt all the moves the instructor was teaching.  The beginner class was definitely challenging even though I was fumbling through one move to the next.  Learning how to control the moving carriage with your body is not an easy task.  The springs offer differing levels of resistance as you push and pull the carriage along the reformer.  You will be working your core, thighs, hips and booty.  One of the first things I noticed at Rock It Body, was there were a couple of male attendees in the class.  Which was impressive to me because many people have the stereotypical view that pilates isn’t much of a masculine workout.  I believe once guys take a pilates class, they realize the intensity and difficulty that pilates on the reformer can be, and become hooked to the challenge.  Intimidated?  Rock It Body Pilates provides beginner classes for those new to the reformer.  Perfect for the newbie starting out in pilates.  These classes definitely helped me familiarize myself with the reformer and develop the confidence to try out other pilates classes offered on Classpass.


“The Calm Before the Storm” – ClassPass Review: Bluewater Pilates


Bluewater Pilates


3625 N Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA, 90266

Classes: $10 First Reformer Class/$10 Ab Lab & Booty Blast/ $35 Single Class/$300 10 Class Package

Parking: Free Parking – Studio is on the corner of Sepulveda and Rosencrans hidden behind the Chevron Gas Station

I woke up exhausted from having biked the previous day and needed a class that was going to rejuvenate me before heading into work.  Mondays are one of the worst and busiest days in the hospital.  My co-worker Sheah is usually in charge in the emergency room on Monday, and we have come to coin the term “SheahMondays” as this day of complete and organized chaos.   She’s an amazing nurse who takes care of business which makes her perfect for Mondays during the winter months.  I worked the previous Monday and it was stressful and exhausting, so when the following Monday arrived, I knew I needed to find time to take care of myself prior to heading into my shift.  I woke up early and looked on my Classpass account and Bluewater Pilates with Libby was available so I immediately seized the opportunity to sign up.  I have taken her previous classes and love the aura she exudes when she teaches.  The classes at Bluewater are small and personalized, taking a maximum of 5 students per class, which is great for pilate beginners.  This gives the instructor time to work with each student to ensure proper alignment in order to achieve maximum results.  There have been some pilates classes I have taken that concentrate solely on muscle control and endurance, but what I love about Bluewater pilates is that they incorporate more stretching exercises at the end of class.  It’s the perfect combination of pilates and yoga and prepares me mentally and physically before I head into SheahMondays.



“Will you be my Gal-en-tine?” – ClassPass Review Coreology Fitness


[Kimberly – My Gal-en-tine at Coreology Fitness]

Coreology Fitness Manhattan Beach


2403 North Sepuvelda Blvd

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Classes: $15 first class/ $30 single class, $240 for a 10 class package, $199 monthly

Parking: Free parking available behind the studio (located off of Marine Ave and Oak Street) – Entrance easier to enter via Oak street

I have to admit I initially wasn’t interested in taking a pilates class.  I was initially reluctant to try out a class but since all my coworkers and friends were gushing to me about how amazing pilates is for your body and the difference they felt I decided I needed to be openminded and give it a try.  OMG! Talk about a hard-core workout!  Don’t let those pretty toes socks and cute outfits fool you.  This workout is killer on your abs, inner and outer thighs and arms.  Coreology pilates works out muscles in your body that I didn’t even know existed, and I have to admit I’ve been craving for more since my first class.  They sell these cute water bottles that I am in love with because their quote is what this studio is all about.


[Two days later, repeat I did with my new water bottle in hand]

Today I initally was planning to ride my bike with my boyfriend to train for the Solvang 1/2 century ride, but then the Marina fog scared me off and it was important that we finish our ride by 11 today due to prior engagements.  Since it is Valentines Day, I tried my best to convince him to join me on a Pilates date, but he wanted to lift weights at the gym so I told him I was going to find a Galentine at the studio.  Thank you Kimberly for being a good sport and taking a photo with me.  I’m still not comfortable taking solo pictures by myself and I appreciate you being my Galentine.

Bonus: Formula Juice is located in the back of the studio and provide fresh cold pressed juices using high quality ingredients.  Price ranges to $5-8 dollars per bottle.  Refreshing treat after a killer workout.