Beach Cities Free Fitness Weekend

Where:  Redondo Beach, CA-Hermosa Beach, CA-Manhattan Beach, CA

When:    February 19 – 21, March 18 – 20, April 15 – 17

I learned about beach cities free fitness weekend when I finished a spinning class at one of the studios offered via Classpass.  I met a fellow spinner that day and she mention that she was taking this class for free because it was beach cities free fitness weekend.  After learning about this I started to research about the free fitness weekend that the South Bay had to offer.  Since it was the last day of the weekend when I learned about the free fitness classes, I didn’t get to experience any of the other classes offered on beach cities.  Hopefully I can squeeze in one class this coming weekend.  If not then I hope that anyone who is into exercise and fitness will take advantage of this great opportunity that beach cities health district offers to local residents in South bay.  Below this post I have the link to the schedule for anyone who may be interested in signing up.  The weekend classes start Friday morning and they are offering classes such as yoga, spinning, TRX, cross-fit, boxing, cardio-barre, pilates, and stand-up paddle boarding.  Have fun and get fit.