Hi everyone!

I truly cannot believe how far running has taken me.  It seems like yesterday when I finished my first half marathon in 2017 and this year I feel so honored and grateful that I was asked to be a Lexus Lace-Up Running Ambassador for 2018.  I have absolutely fallen in love with the sport, so when I was asked to be an ambassador, I couldn’t be more ecstatic to be part of the amazing series.

What I love about the Lexus LaceUp Running Series is that all of the races are being held in Southern California: Orange County, Ventura, Palos Verdes and Riverside, giving everyone the opportunity to be able to run and explore the beautiful parts of California on foot.  They offer 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons, marathons and even kid races too!  Making this running series perfect for all types of runners.  Attracting novice runners all the way to experienced runners who will absolutely love these races.

Obviously everyone is welcome!  IF you want to join in on the runner’s high, please use my discount code “BEV10” to receive 10% off your race entry!

Here are the Lexus LaceUp Running Series – Click on any link to sign-up:

Orange County – Sept 8, 2018

Ventura – Oct 20-21, 2018

Palos Verdes – November 17, 2018

Riverside – December 2, 2018

Hope to see you for one, two or maybe all the races.  Thank you for following my journey and happy training 🙂

With love,

Beverley – xoxo

P.S.  Lexus LaceUp Running has also graciously agreed to donate 5% of the OC race entry proceeds for my relay race for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  So use my code “BEV10” to not only receive 10% off your race entry, but to give 5% to an amazing cause.  Thank you!