[My pull-up attempt with the encouragement of the instructors Flomaster and Cedric ]


2317 N Sepulveda Blvd

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Pricing: First Class Free, They were offering an unlimited monthly pass for $89/month with no initiation fee, but not sure what their pricing are at the present moment.  I believe that the instructors also offer private individual lessons.

Parking: Free parking available behind the studio (located off of Marine Ave and Oak Street) – Entrance easier to enter via Oak street

The first time I walked into Beastie I have to admit I was intimidated.  The sound of hip hop music blaring in the background and two extremely muscular toned guys (Cedric & Flo) sparring one another made me a bit nervous.  I had no idea how to fight and I wasn’t sure if I needed to be angry to be able to box at Beastie.  But I already committed to this class and was determine to get a workout in that morning.  These guys are not only amazing trainers, they will keep you laughing throughout your workout that your abs may be sore after your workout.  Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.  I have to admit that if it wasn’t for Classpass I probably wouldn’t have noticed this studio, but I’m so grateful that it’s part of Classpass because they definitely keep my workouts interesting.  Be prepared to drip in sweat if you ever take a Beastie class and if you want to get a great ab workout, take a class with Cedric and Flomaster because they always find a way to make you smile.

P.S. All the instructors at BEASTIE are pretty amazing, Cedric and Flo are the most memorable because they were my first instructors and have left a lasting impression on me.