Took my first group bike ride with beach cities cycling club this past Thursday.  These guys were going to ride a level 2 and 3, but I spoke to the organizer of the club and he offered to ride a level 4 with me since I’m learning.  We also had 2 other guys from the club ride with us as well.  This group is organized and extremely friendly.  I really appreciate the time that Jim spent explaining road safety and taught me ways to communicate with the cycling group and on the road.  Being unfamiliar riding in a group setting and just learning how to clip in earlier that week I unfortunately had my first fall with clip ins.  Thank goodness I only suffered a small scrape on my knee and a blow to my ego.  If you are new to cycling, I recommend checking out beach cities cycling group.  Their websites have organized rides and it’s a great way to meet fellow cycling enthusiast.     


[Re-enacting my fall with clip-ins]