Happy Spring!  It’s been a surprisingly chilly and wet winter in LA this year and personally I can’t wait for spring to arrive.  Who else is with me?? I know I can’t be the only one feeling this way! For me spring is a time for renewal, tidying up and most of all cleaning.  What better way to begin the new season with some extra elbow grease and spring cleaning. So today on my blog, I will be sharing some of my tips on what I do to jump start into the new season with some real deep cleaning.

Writing out my monthly work schedule and activities
Including days for spring cleaning in my monthly schedule
Dollar the Doodle wants to help out!
  1. Make a Schedule

The hardest part of spring cleaning is obviously getting started.  Do you know who has this problem? ME! Procrastination, unfortunately is my best friend at times and easily getting distracted is my usual personality.. : ) the scary part is before you know it, we will be celebrating 2020 …. Just kidding!  So I’ve always found it helpful to set a schedule for myself in order to get things done. Better yet write out a list. Keep it simple. Sometimes it can be daunting to designate one whole day to cleaning, so what I’ve committed to is designating a whole month to cleaning.  Create a schedule for each day to get simple tasks done, that way once it is done it is out of sight and out of mind. But if you’re the type to dedicate one full day for a few tasks then by all means go for it! So this month I’ve designated April to be my month.  Can’t wait, wish me luck!

Vacuuming dust in the corners
Sorting through my clothes … do you give me joy?
Dollar the Doodle cautiously stares at the vacuum
  1.  Declutter, Donate, Sell or Throw Away!

Buying and living in my house for the past two years, I have had many memorable experiences, but with that said I have also accumulated a ton of stuff.  Now it is my goal to de-clutter, donate, sell, and throw away things that no longer bring me joy.  Who else watched Marie Kondo on Netflix too?  Learning from her I have decided that if I haven’t used it or worn it for the past eight to twelve months, then it must be donated, sold or simply thrown away.  This includes clothes, books, furniture and small appliances that no longer serve me or again “give me joy.” Chances are that if I haven’t used it then I most certainly won’t be missing it later.  But remember to thank it before you get rid of it! : )


  1. Set a Tone

After I bought my house, I wasn’t in love with being surrounded by beige.  It reminds me too much of the hospital, instead I decided to paint the interior of my house.  A grayish blue tint it was! It provided a calming and relaxing atmosphere which I need after some long days in LA, especially after a 12 hour shift at the hospital.  However, since I painted the house a couple of years ago, it was time for me to replace my bedding, towels, linens and curtains.  Changing small things in the house helps keep costs low and helps transform rooms from winter to spring without all of the chaos.  Small changes renew the atmosphere and prepare us for the upcoming season.  Hopefully these simple tips can get you thinking about getting your home in order and of course make sure your life is full of JOY!  Thank you guys!

Check out my mood board from Wayfair to see what I’m planning or hoping to buy in the upcoming months to help me prepare for spring.  I’ve linked these items at the end of my post, if you are interested in refreshing your home in a similar fashion. 



  1. White Linen Bedding // More Bedding
  2. Stainless Steel Compartment Bins // More Trash and Recycling
  3. Dyson Bagless Vacuum // More Vacuums
  4. Floating Shelves // More Wall and Display Shelves
  5. Stair Step Book Case // More Bookcases
  6. Striped Bin // More Storage Containers

Get inspired and start the new season with a bit of cleaning.

With love,

Beverley – xoxo

PS: please share your ideas and leave a comment!  Would love to hear how you have created joy this upcoming spring!

Dollar the Doodle curiously waits to see if sunflowers are edible
Sunflowers brightening up the living room
Dollar the doodle realizing sunflowers are bitter and he prefers his bone.