I did it! I was able to accomplish a half marathon race under 2 hours and it felt really good.  When my friends invited me to run Rock and Roll San Diego I was hesitant to sign up for the race at first.  I wasn’t officially training for any races, but since I was still running occasionally here and there, I figured, “why not?”.  My primary goal was to complete the race and explore a new city by foot and luckily I was given the opportunity of combining both a fun weekend get away with fellow fitness enthusiast and exploring the city by foot via the race.  What more can a girl ask for?

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that the highlight of this trip was being able to surpass my first race time by 22 minutes.  This personal record made me feel really accomplished and I’m beginning to understand the concept of a running addiction developed among runners, especially after finishing a race.  San Diego was a completely different adventure from my first half marathon in Zion and while I loved my first race because it was my first (you will always remember your first ;p ), San Diego Rock and Roll was such an amazing and fun experience that I’m really happy I chose it to be my second race.  While runners have always been inspiring along my running journey, my biggest inspiration during this race were the fans who cheered for the participants.  It was so nice to observe hundreds of people supporting and encouraging their close friends, family and strangers during the race and I believe this is what makes San Diego Rock and Roll unique and memorable.  While I didn’t really have anyone cheering for me, it was heartwarming and uplifting to see all the fans cheer for their family members, friends and strangers along the way.  The excitement and energy in the air was infectious and for a brief moment, I felt as though I was a part of the San Diego community. I couldn’t ask for a better atmosphere; the weather was perfect, the rolling hills were to be expected and the fans were the biggest prize in my eyes.   They made the race go by quickly that before I knew it, I was enjoying a refreshing cold beer with fellow half marathoners.  It was definitely a sweet treat.

The race was so positive and uplifting that I’ve already signed up for my next race though that race isn’t until November, so there is a possibility that I will be looking for another course that will fit my schedule prior to this date.  Will start training for the Malibu Half Marathon by the end of the summer, but if anyone else has any other race suggestions, I would love to explore my options, as I might just jump onto the band wagon again.  Thank you for reading and happy training.

Beverley – xoxo