It’s happened! ClassPass has officially increased its prices in Los Angeles.  Originally known as the best start-up app that gives you as many workouts all across Los Angeles for one low price, ClassPass is now known as the app that is only catering to those who are willing to fork out the cash.  I joined the fitness startup last year, on a recommendation from a friend.  It was an amazing deal.  Take as many classes across the Los Angeles region for one low price of $99/ month.  No commitments and no contracts so I gave it a try.  I initially joined Classpass in an effort to supplement my outdoor bike training with spin and yoga classes. I was having trouble committing to one studio, so this was a great opportunity to explore my options in the Los Angeles region.  The app was perfect since I work in Hollywood but live in the South Bay.  I had the option to either take classes before or after work and take classes near home on my days off.  Then they increased their prices in January up to $119.  Still a good deal in my opinion so it didn’t deter me from cancelling the app.  Then I heard that prices increased in NYC, so I knew that prices would eventually increase in LA.  I have to admit, I have been anticipating this day.  So what do you do?  $175 is definitely a bit steep, but the decision to stay or cancel will be based on every individual’s situation. The once beloved fitness app now has everyone agonizing over this decision, forcing every member of ClassPass to re-evaluate their love for this fitness application.  To continue their membership, drop to a lower tier, or cancel completely.


  • Unlimited number of studios with different workouts for one set price per month
  • Changing your workout regimen from HIIT, boxing, pilates, yoga, spin, aerial yoga, rock climbing, paddle boarding and trampolining
  • No commitment to one studio or the application
  • Can take classes in the US and internationally – not set to one location, helps increases your opportunities to continue fitness within other cities (I just came back from Miami and was able to check out 5 studios during my stay) 


  • Maximum number of classes you can attend is 3 classes per studio per month
  • Can only reserve up to 4 classes at a time
  • The unlimited package has become quite expensive, rivaling other fitness studios such as Equinox that provide luxurious amenities and unlimited fitness classes with no restrictions.  

Personally I love the ClassPass phone application.  It has definitely given me a wide range of fitness opportunities that I would have never initially thought of opening myself up to.  It forced me to change my fitness habits and embrace changing my fitness regimen.  Fitness classes that I would have never even given a second thought about has now become one of my favorite workouts that I attempt to incorporate into my fitness schedule.  It’s helped me foster my friendships with coworkers and friends and has created opportunities to develop relationships with other fitness enthusiast.  While it saddens me that the price has increased, it amazed me how Classpass has sustained themselves for this long.  While it would have been less painful for us that Classpass increased their prices incrementally, I’m not sure how much longer Classpass would have survived if that were the case.  You have Classpass users who completely take advantage of the system.  Guilty as charge! I am one of them and I also know many others users who seized upon this opportunity as well.  On my days off I sometimes would take 2-3 classes per day, maximizing my Classpass worth.  During the month of May, I took 32 classes in 30 days as a challenge that my co-workers and I had to encourage each other to stay active.  Classpass gave us that opportunity.  It was fun for us to take a class after our shift, near where we worked and it was fun for us to plan classes outside of our homes.  Classpass made it fun to organize fitness dates with friends.  It was easy and made working out enjoyable and affordable.  Unfortunately with the price increase we all need to re-evaluate our love for this fitness app.  My boyfriend joined ClassPass to create opportunities for us to workout together.  We had fun working out together, however it doesn’t suit his own personal fitness goals, so he lowered his membership to the base program in an effort to take a few fun fitness classes with me.  He’s a part of Equinox, so if ClassPass doesn’t further suit your own personal needs, I recommend you to check out one near you.  Don’t want to fork out the cash, many fitness studios have taken this Classpass price increase as an opportunity to offer new membership deals for previous Classpass users.  Now is the opportunity to take advantage of these deals.  Only enjoy certain classes then take advantage of the 10 classes per month and supplement your work outs with Kayla Itsines, running or biking.  We live in Los Angeles where we have an unlimited amount of outdoor activities that we can explore.  Yes, it’s a sad moment in which Classpass will no longer serve our every day needs, but maybe we can see this as an opportunity to be creative with our individualized fitness programs.              

* I’m currently training for my 1/2 marathon in July & August, so I opted to be on the base program (5 classes per month), but once I complete my 1/2 marathon I believe I will return to the monthly unlimited.  As for now, I will be using classes for cross training.