[“The light in  me bows and honors the divine light in you!”]

Corepower Redondo Beach


4407 Redondo Beach Boulevard, Lawndale, CA 90260

Classes: 1 week FREE for new students/ $23 Single Class/$199 10 class package/ Black Tag Membership $155/ month for unlimited classes – with your first month for $89. – Groupon currently also has a special getting your first month for $75 unlimited instead of $89.

Parking: In front of the studio or 2nd floor of the plaza

Amenities: Showers & Filtered Water fountain (so bring a water bottle to fill up), Yoga mats can be rented for a fee otherwise bring your own yoga mat and towel

My Solvang 1/2 century bike ride is coming up this weekend and to be honest, I’m really nervous about the ride.  My goal is to finish the race, and to finish it in one piece.  Instead of taking a spin class for training, I decided that I would attend a heated yoga class to relax my tight muscles.  Through Classpass, I’ve taken several classes at Corepower in the past and although I know some people may not be a fan of the heat, I feel that having my muscles warmed by the heat makes stretching a lot easier for me.  Corepower offers several classes that are 60 minutes in length, which is perfect for someone who wants to get a quick stretch in for the day.  A common misconception is that people don’t get in a good sweat when they take yoga class, but with the heat at Corepower you will not have that problem.  The poses are simple enough for beginners that as you take more classes, you will slowly improve your flexibility, balance and strength.  It’s a great starting point if you are new to yoga but also want to get in a good sweat.  Imagine being on a tropical island without a breeze to cool you down, that is how a hot yoga room will feel.  I advise drinking plenty of water throughout the day before your class because I can guarantee you that you will be drenched in your own sweat at the end of the workout.