“An Open Heart” – ClassPass Review of Believe Fitness Studio


Believe Fitness Studio


113 Sierra Street, El Segundo, CA, 90245

(310) 648-8023

Classes:  Single Class $25-$35/ Ten Class Package $200-$300/Unlimited Monthly Membership $175-$210

Parking: Free parking available by the front and back entrance of the studio as well as street parking

My girlfriend from NYC was visiting LA for a wedding and since we were both a part of ClassPass, we figured we’d seized the opportunity to take a class together in the LA region.  I initially wanted to take spin class, but she wanted to try Hoops at Believe Fitness Studio.  Since she was visiting, I figured why not.  In my opinion, Hoops is not a beginner class.  While the teacher is absolutely enchanting on the hoop, I have no upper body strength to twirl myself around gracefully and beautifully in and out of the hoop.  Since both my gf and I didn’t have much upper body strength, we didn’t get much of a workout as we were both clumsily transitioning from one move to the next.  Overall it was a super fun class, but I think I may want to build my upper body strength and take more aerial yoga classes before I decide to take my chances on the hoop again.   Learning from my first experience, I decided that for my second class at Believe I’d try the flexibility for your back class.  I absolutely fell in love with this class that I decided to take another flexibility class later that week.  The classes are small and interactive and I loved how the instructor pushes you slightly to your flexibility edge.  After class my shoulders and back were opened and relaxed.  I felt like I came out of an amazing massage, though instead of lying there and letting the masseuse do all the work, I needed to work for the end result.  While you won’t be sweating as much in this class, you will definitely be breathing hard to attempt to relax into one pose to the next.  If you are into aerial yoga, hoops or pole, Believe Fitness Studio offers these to fulfill your inner Cirque Du Soleil.  However as for now, I’m going to stick to the the flexibility and stretching classes for a bit.  It’s such a unique class and I haven’t been able to find it offered in other parts of LA, so I want to take advantage of it.



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